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Vision and smart thinking, combined with technology and creativity will lead the way forward


Smart Energy Network is a membership organization based in Norway. Today we have around 30 partners and members among leading companies in the energy sector - as well as organizations and enteties with interest in smart energy development. We are concerned about how to expand our businesses. And we always look for a new and a multidisiplinary approach.

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Smart Energy Network has its base at home, but at the same time a 

strong international focus. Smartness in energy solutions is a global trend that is growing very fast. Innovation and businesses development with a consumer friendly and sustainable approach is what we like. We have began our cooperation with leading international partners.

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Innovation, new technology and creativity is our core, and to inspire change. We arrange high level membership meetings with focus on strategy and business development. Together with our members and partners we also organize breakfast sessions and deep dives in smart energy relevant topic. Twice a year we organize international learning expeditions for our members.

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Smart Energy Network`s ambition is to create a Nordic high-level competence network for inspiration, innovation and business creativity.


Therefore, SEN is a network for companies, entities and bodies like:

  • Generators, suppliers, providers, services etc.

  • National and local government, regulators, urban entities etc.

  • Marketing, sales and trading, real estate agents etc.

  • IT, IoT, automation, artificial intelligence etc.


SEN is supported by Agder Energi, TrønderEnergi, Powel, Siemens and Sysco as financial partners, Thema Consulting Group as sponsor and Selmer as legal partner.

Smart Energy Network AS

Org: 919 824 581

CEO Ragnvald Nærø

Øvre Vollgate 6, 0158 Oslo



Smart Energy Network

Gaustadaleen 21

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Tel: +47 900 80 303