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Take us into the future of smart energy and build a platform for new business


Our Mission


Our Ambitions


Create a Nordic high level competence network for inspiration, innovation and business creativity

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Vi har øyne og ører i verdens
mest innovative miljøer


Smart Energy Network (SEN) is a network of companies, entities and bodies that meet regularly to discuss, challenge, and develop their businesses. The natural methodology of the network is to combine smart thinking with the newest insights and modern technology – and on top create an atmosphere where likely to broaden the way of doing business for each single member.

As a foundation for SEN we take it for granted that our businesses strive to be winners in a competitive market whether it be local, national or international. To improve our business, we believe that all competitive advantages must be challenged, and we like to be curious and seek learning experience outside our core market.


That is why SENs partners and member meet regularly and once or twice a year organizes study expeditions, including intensive workshops to different parts of the world – to places where the learning effect is the highest and where there is a high probability of discovering and connecting with new business opportunities.



Tidligere aktivitet

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Småskala kjernekraft og OpenAI har fått oppmerksomhet, inkludert på et medlemsmøte der forbindelsen til kunstig intelligens ble diskutert. Institutt for energiteknikk (IFE) og Microsoft presenterte ekspertise og fremtidsvisjoner. Eksempler inkluderte et nytt selskap som forbedrer ESG-rapportering, og Eviny, som anvender kunstig intelligens i forretningsutviklingen.

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