Membership meeting 

23. May 2018

Tema: Is change your new strategy?

“Change” will be the main topic for Smart Energy Network´s meeting May 23. We have engaged professor Jim Pulcrano to lead us through a special session this morning. You will get the chance to work out how you can impact decision making in your company!  We won’t just talk about it; we’ll act it out.

08.30: Registration

09.00: Welcome















09.15: Disruption is not a strategy, but change isProfessor Jim Pulcrano is member of the The Advisory Board of Smart Energy Network. Today he is affiliate professor at IMD Business School in Lausanne, Switzerland. He has been teaching for over 20 years at IMD, one of the world´s top business schools. He holds positions on several Advisory Boards and has extensive experience starting and guiding startups, in Europe and Silicon Valley.


Pulcrano will talk about disruption and how all businesses today are being affected. He says: “My definition of disruption is that the customer now believes that there is a different and better way to do things, which eventually forces incumbents to change or die.”


After Pulcrano´s introduction each table of participants will participate, live, in a workshop of decision making. The goal is to learn what it takes to make successful change in business.  Even when you’re not in charge!


10.00: Workshop and discussion – During this session you will be part of a management team. Each team has a laptop with a simulation uploaded, and the team´s task is to convince the top management of one division of a company to adopt a significant new program.  You have no hierarchical power.  You have access to many tactics (meetings, memos, training sessions, experts, benchmarking, employee surveys, etc), but each of these tactics cost time.  You have 120 “days” to convince these managers. At the end of the session, we will see if any of the teams have succeeded, and how far they’ve gotten.  The workshop will be followed by a discussion on what worked, what didn’t, how did you plan, how did you feel when things weren’t working, how did you network in the company, etc.






























12.45: Reflections – professor Torger Reve, Handelshøyskolen BI: What, why, where, who and how to do business in the future?

12.55: Smart Energy Network 2018 (meetings and learning expeditions 2018)


13.00: Lunch


14.00: End

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